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Wound Care

At Isis Medical, we believe that proper wound care is a multi-factorial process. We strive to help you treat your patients on a level that examines the “whole” patient rather than just the “hole” in the patient.


We work and consult with you on a clinical and financial level to achieve optimum results for both you and your patients. Please call today for a complete listing.


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System
Negative pressure is not a new modality; the effect of exposing wounds to subatmospheric pressure has been studied in various settings for approximately the last 5 decades. Isis Medical offers true NPWT as a cost-effective alternative to normally high-priced, limited options. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.
Benefits of our NPWT include:  
  More choices for clinicians – wound kits for a variety of wound types NPWT
  Greater patient comfort and compliance due to lower levels of pressure
  Less nursing time needed because of simple dressing changes
  Less frequent dressing changes
  Periodic therapy for mobile patients
  Cost effectiveness can save accounts 20-70%
  Multiple overflow protection options
  User friendly display
  Locking controls
  Radio Frequency Closure System  
  Provant uses a precise radiofrequency signal to rapidly induce a genetic sequence in critical skin cells, which facilitates the cellular and biological mechanisms associated with the inflammatory phase of wound healing.
  Provant is the only safe, non-invasive wound treatment system cleared by the FDA that has been evaluated in hundreds of patients in rigorous clinical trials. Radio Frequency Closure promotes better patient outcomes in less time and at a significantly lower cost with no adverse effects.
Extremely easy to use Radio Frequency Closure System
Low-risk, non-invasive treatment
No change in wound care protocol required
Reduces overall wound care cost by
  increasing wound healing rate
FDA cleared as an adjunct in the palliative treatment of postoperative pain and edema in superficial soft tissue
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